Cloudy water can be caused by a number of conditions.
In order to resolve the problem you
must first determine the cause.
Check and treat, if needed, in the following order:
Insufficient Filtration-
Is your filter running adequately and is it clean?
Beginning with run times, your pool should routinely circulate a
minimum of 8-12 hours a day. When you are experiencing cloudy
water be sure to allow your filter to run continuously, 24 hours a day,
until your water clears.
Does your filter need cleaned?
In addition to regular backwashing
you should periodically perform more thorough cleaning than
backwashing alone will provide.
Nature’s Way
Cartridge Renu
contains a blend of cleaning agents and degreasers especially
formulated to penetrate deeply into any reusable cartridge or DE
element and remove the accumulated materials such as body oil,
grease, dirt, and soap scum. The sand in a sand filter should be
replaced every 2-3 seasons.
Unbalanced Water
High ph (above 7.8), high Total Alkalinity (above 150), high Calcium
Hardness (above 400) are all capable of causing cloudy water. Test
your water and enter the results in the Test Water app to determine if
you need to make adjustments and balance your water.
Low Sanitizer level
Sanitizers can be consumed rapidly, especially in high heat and
heavy bather loads.
A low sanitizer residual can allow for algae
growth, which in the early stages can appear as cloudy water. During
periods of cloudy water you should maintain your sanitizer at high-
normal range and shock your pool.
When shocking to treat cloudy
water we recommend using our non-chorine shock,
Nature’s Way
Oxy Shock
at a rate of 1 lb. per 10,000 gallons.
Oxy Shock will
oxidize any contaminants without adding calcium, found in granular
chlorine, which can add to the cloudiness.
Once you have checked and taken any necessary steps mentioned above, you
should add a treatment dose of
Nature’s Way
5 'n 1 Clarifier
5 'n 1 Clarifier
helps filter out suspended particles that cannot be oxidized by binding
small particles together making them large enough to be trapped by the filter. Follow
label directions for dosage and application instructions.
We also recommend removing your solar cover until water clears.
In extreme cases of cloudy water you may consider
Nature’s Way
Super Floc
Super Floc attaches to free floating matter in the water to form larger, heavier-than-
water particles, that settle to the bottom of the pool. Floc requires a higher than
normal pH, above 8.2, to be effective. You will need to
add pH increaser to raise the pH prior to
treatment. Read the label directions carefully and broadcast the dry white powder over the
surface of the water at a rate of 2 ounces per square foot of pool surface area and allow the
pool to stand undisturbed overnight, up to 24 hours. After the debris has settled to the bottom,
vacuum the pool on the waste or drain cycle to rid the pool of the unwanted matter. This will
mean water loss, so carefully consider this option prior to treatment.