For a variety of reasons, the single biggest energy conservation move that you can make is to
a cover on the pool or spa. First, the cover reduces the heating bills by preventing heat loss. The
cover can also reduce the amount of dirt and grime that enters the pool, reducing the amount of
time it takes to remove them from the water through filtration or vacuuming.
In addition to collecting “free heat” from the sun the cover will save
on the amount of chemicals and water that need to be added.
Covers can also reduce evaporation, which can waste both water
and heat and increase the Total Dissolved Solids levels in the water.
Some estimates say that as much as 50 gallons a day can be lost in
an uncovered pool from evaporation. That’s more than 18,000
gallons of water wasted each year.
Though solar pool covers are not a necessity, they are highly
recommended to preserve energy and make your pool more pleasant
to swim in.
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Please note the following tips when using a solar cover:
Solar covers pose a drowning hazard to children or pets
who may try to walk across the cover. ALWAYS keep an eye on children around the pool and
warn them that the cover will NOT support them and that they should not try to play on or
around the pool.
swim with the cover on.
Covers should float on the surface of the water- bubble side down.
DO NOT remove your cover and lay it on the lawn. The intense UV rays of the sun will burn-out
the grass very quickly.
Leave your solar cover off immediately after shocking your pool and during treatment for visible
algae or cloudy water.
This will help promote the circulation and water quality of the pool as well
as extend the life of your solar cover.
When solar cover has been removed and is reeled onto a solar reel- it should
be covered
with the protective white plastic supplied with cover, to protect the coiled cover from gathering
heat in the sun and possibly sticking together.
DO NOT leave your pool covered for 3 to 4 days or more without removing the cover from time
to time to promote circulation and reduce algae growth. This includes vacation time- leave your
cover OFF while away.
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