Look over your property carefully for the most ideal pool location.
Here are some thoughts to
keep in mind while deciding a location for your pool, filter and other important considerations.
1. NEVER install a pool on fill dirt.
2. NEVER build up surface or low spots (always dig away to level surface)
professionally installed.
3. NEVER locate pool over underground lines, septic tanks, leech lines or drainage fields, and
NEVER under electrical lines.
4. It’s desirable to have the sunniest location and to avoid having tree branches overhead if
5. Check for easements and local zoning requirements. Call your local township or municipal
You may also need to check with your housing plan or homeowner’s association.
6. Consider electrical requirements.
7. Consider access and allow enough room to work and bring in necessary equipment and
material and to keep damage to yard at a minimum.
A 6’ opening into your yard is needed
to accommodate equipment and materials necessary for the installation.
8. If possible place filter and skimmer at the down wind side of the pool, this will provide the
most effective skimming action.
Other factors to consider include accessibility to electric
hook up, capability for possible drainage, and compliance with local building regulations.
9. If you have or suspect you may have nut grass, it is advised that you consult with a qualified
nursery in your area for appropriate treatment for roots, grasses, vines, etc. Make sure
chemicals used will not cause damage to your liner.
Sand should be delivered close to the desired pool location- NOT in the desired location.
*When measuring your yard for a round pool,
remember pool area dimensions will be pool
radius + 1 foot. See instructions in oval
manual for measurements.
Please refer to the manufacturer’s installation manual that came with your pool package.
The manuals listed below will provide general above ground installation instructions.
Round Installation Manual
Oval Installation Manual
Universal Deck Installation