Skimmer Plug
When you are ready to close your pool for the season you will want to first be sure that the
water is CLEAN AND BALANCED. Before you begin you should assemble and inspect all
winter closing items: pool cover, freeze protectors & plugs, winterizing chemicals, etc.
Replace any worn or missing items,
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1. Vacuum the entire pool thoroughly and remove ALL leaves and debris. If algae is present,
be certain to destroy it completely before you close the pool– see
2. Nature
Vision Pro Users: Remove the Vision Pro cartridge and discard with household
do not try to store or re-use your cartridge the following season.
the temporary cap (that was originally shipped with the unit) on unit and tighten down the
collar. Carefully remove Z-Pak, follow package instructions for proper chemical disposal.
Replace empty chlorine holder into unit, retighten mineral cartridge and chlorine collars
and run pump for 30 minutes. Remove and save the drain plug. Rinse out Vision Pro
thoroughly with water. After completing winterization, loosen mineral cartridge and
chlorine collars.
3. Test the water and take any necessary to steps to balance the pH
and Total Alkalinity.
4. Add the chemicals found in your
Nature’s Way
Winterizing Kit
following label directions.
Run your filter continuously for 2-4 hours to make
sure the chemicals have circulated thoroughly.
6. Water level should be lowered below the skimmer. Skimmers
protected with a Skimmer Plug™
should drain the water 1” to 2” inches below the mouth of
the skimmer. If you are NOT using a closure plate you will need to lower the water 6” to 8”
below the skimmer opening. You can lower water by starting a manual siphon with your
vacuum hose or garden hose or by using your pool pump & motor.
7. Protect your skimmer by using a
Skimmer Plug™
or a freeze protector.
8. Shut off pump and motor.
9. Remove any directional part of the return protruding into the pool,
such as the eyeball fitting or return nozzle and install appropriate plug.
10. Disconnect all hoses.
11. Drain all equipment: pump, filter and heater, automatic chemical feeder, (store drain plugs
in pump basket). Refer to the operating instructions, found within this manual, for detailed
winterizing instructions for your filter, heater, light, etc. All water must be completely
drained from any equipment.
Freeze damage caused by improper
winterization is NOT covered under warranty.
12. Remove steps or ladder.
13. Inflate Winter Air Pillow approximately 2/3 full with air and secure in center of pool.
fully inflate air pillow. You may also want to place a piece of duct tape
over the air cap to help keep securely closed throughout winter.