Keeping your pool physically clean is as important as the regular addition of chemicals.
Debris in the pool is unsightly, increases sanitizer demand and may cause staining of
pool surface. During the swimming season, thoroughly clean your pool at least once a week.
To ensure proper circulation and filtration the system should circulate a minimum of 8 -12
hours, up to 24 hours per day if you have a 2-speed pump running on low speed. The tips
below will help keep your pool looking great and operating smoothly.
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on Pool Maintenance
Maintain proper water level, approximately 2/3 high on skimmer opening. You can lose up
to 3” of water per week through evaporation, splash outs and backwash.
Skim pool surface with leaf skimmer daily or as needed.
Brush walls and floor with proper brush weekly, this will reduce your vacuuming time.
Remove dirt ring from waterline using
Nature’s Way
Tile and Vinyl Cleaner,
see vinyl liner
maintenance tips below.
Empty and clean out skimmer basket.
You may
consider using a snap on
Skimmer Grille
Great Escape
to keep unwanted items such as
toys, floating dispensers, thermometers, etc.
from entering your skimmer while hiding the
screws and making the faceplate look new.
Weekly, or as needed, empty pump basket.
Check filter pressure at least once a week or
when you notice a decrease in the water flow
returning to the pool. When pressure gauge doubles, or raises 10 psi above the normal
starting pressure you should backwash or clean your filter.
Keep the deck area around the pool clean, sweep off leaves & debris.
Routinely check hoses and equipment; lubricate, tighten and replace when needed;
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maintenance equipment.
Vacuum pool weekly or as needed.
See Vacuuming
for complete instructions.
Test your pool water using your test strips 2-3 times per week and follow directions
in your Nature’s Way treatment program.
Your vinyl liner is virtually maintenance free, but there are several factors that will
influence the life and durability of your liner. From UV rays to chemicals and careless
cleaning there are certain situations you should avoid.
Premature pattern wear due to
abrasive cleaning tools and bleaching due to improper chemical balance are two of the
biggest threats to the life of a vinyl liner. Please read and follow these care and
maintenance recommendations to lengthen the life of your vinyl liner