Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) is a fossil material ground into a very fine white powder. The D.E.
powder coats the internal elements (flex-tubes) inside the filter tank and as water passes through
the system, dirt. Algae, and some forms of
bacteria are strained from the water. If you are
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the model that is right for your pool.
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Adding DE
(Charging the filter)
On initial start-up and after each backwash, D.E. should be added to charge the
system within 1 minute of starting the pump & motor.
D.E. powder is measured
in pounds. D.E. Scoops are available as a convenient method of measuring and
adding D.E.
The amount required for each Hayward Perflex filter model is:
EC 45
4 lbs.
EC 65
EC 75
With pump running, add D.E. powder into the skimmer 1 scoop or lb. at a time,
as fast as the plumbing will take it.
Regeneration (Bumping)
As dirt collects inside the filter the pressure gauge increases while return flow to the pool
When the pressure increases 7-10 psi above the normal starting pressure it’s time to
bump or regenerate the system following the instructions below. This process drops dirt & debris
that collected on the D.E. coated tubes & drops to the bottom of the tank, exposing a clean layer
of D.E., lowering the pressure and extending the cycle. If the pool is very dirty or has a lot of
algae, the filter may require frequent backwashing, as the D.E. saturates quickly.
Turn off the pump & motor.
Open the air relief bleeder valve on top of the tank.
Bump handle down slowly and up briskly, 3 times.
With the air bleeder valve open, turn the motor back on
and when water sprays out of air bleeder close valve.
open the air bleeder valve each time you start up your system to
relieve pressure.
When regeneration process no longer lowers the pressure (after 1 or 2 cycles of bumping) you
need to clean the filter of the old D.E. and dirt that has collected inside the tank. You will know its
time to backwash when the pressure goes back up shortly after regenerating, signaling the D.E.
has become completely saturated with dirt and needs to be replaced.
Cleaning using water flow
Backwashing is recommended when the pressure gauge rises more than 10 psi in less than
a 24 hour period or when cloudy water returns to the pool for longer than 30
seconds after
regeneration. Before backwashing make sure the backwash hose,
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, is extended to an appropriate area to discharge used D.E., dirt,
and water.
Turn off pump & motor.
Open the air relief bleeder valve on top of the tank.
Bump the handle down slow and up briskly 8 times.
Close valves (if used) at skimmer & return line or plug closed to prevent water loss from pool.
With backwash hose attached, open filter drain and allow water and dirt to empty
completely through the backwash hose.